Unbelievably 9 Months

Pumpkin, meet Pumpkin - aka " Punkin' ".


Both of you are 9 months old today. Well, to the "Pumpkin" that is orange, it is your proverbial 9 month birthday. Today is your day to be born - your umbilical cord is being cut; it's harvest day! Yay for you! Or something like that. But, I don't want to talk about you, I want to talk about my pumpkin, Eliza Dove...


I can't believe it's been 9 months. This is undoubtedly my favorite baby age; I love the vibrancy, the sweet awareness, and the excitement for life! There is laughing, lots and lots of smiles, chattering, crawling, plenty of personality... What fun it is to watch Eliza be. She is my constant companion, my heart. I love her, I love her, I love her.

Each day is better than the last; yesterday I had this vision of 2 year old Eliza. And, I do know exactly what she is going to look like, baby Eve and baby Eliza are little clones. In my mind's eye I saw this bouncy little girl with two sprouting pigtails, following after me everywhere I go. It was such a happy thought. I love life with Eliza, she is my sweet thang. My sweet thang with absolutely no teeth. No worries! They'll come soon enough, until then I will continue to love the gummy look.

Happy 9 months, baby girl. We all love you T-H-I-S much!

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