A Few Weekend Pictures
It was a busier than normal weekend, but it was good nonetheless. In my mind, the weekend starts on Friday. Friday just seems like an easier, quicker, more fun day. Thus, my weekend pictures start on Friday. And yes, they are all of my kids because why not?


Friday Judah and I washed his beloved sheepskin; I have to catch him in a particularly generous mood, otherwise I can just take a hike! He doesn't part with his sheepskin on simply a whim, you know. But, he was feeling very generous so off it went into the washing machine; he kept a careful eye on the process though. The end result was one extremely happy boy and a fluffy, clean, and bright looking sheepskin. I wish I could have captured a photo of Judah toting his freshly washed sheepskin up the stairs for his nap time. It was classic.


Have I mentioned that Eliza is a champion crawler now? No? Probably because my heart is broken over the whole situation. Anyways, Friday evening I was in the kitchen making dinner; Eliza was crawling around, going between the kitchen and the livingroom playing with toys. Suddenly it was suspiciously quiet. All parents know what that means.... I quickly went to check; I found her in the livingroom stuffing her face with a snack that had been abandoned by one of her siblings. She is priceless I tell you. Just priceless. And she loves to eat.
Oh, by the way, do you see the mosquito bite on her face? There were actually three of them. I was SO MAD at that mosquito. I stomped up to her room, flyswatter in hand; I closed the door and hunted that evil thing down. When I found it I killed it so badly it died twice. Nobody messes with MY baby and gets away with it. Nobody.


Saturday found us in Lubbock doing a little shopping. I had some curtains to return to Target. The ones I returned were lovely curtains; a rich brown, nice pattern and texture, but honestly I love sheer white ones the best. So, that's what I bought instead. We also went to the health food store and the grocery store. It was uneventful but nice. The way home was even nicer because there were naps involved.


Today was pretty good, no it was very good. Daniel took the girls to the zoo; Judah had to stay home and have room time because he disobeyed and lost his priviledge of going on the fun trip. Bummer for him! I cleaned like a madwoman for two hours; it was wonderful. We then had a quiet afternoon of naps, a movie, and a brake pad change for Bessie. This evening was a great dinner of Chicken Enchiladas made from Kim's recipe. They were so very, very good. The kids had ice cream bars for dessert because Eve didn't receive any tallies at school this week. Go Eve! It was a good day here at our house.


Who needs a lawn mower when you have an Eve; she was making a bed for herself out of grass. Whatever floats her boat, I say. She was happy in her imagining and I had fun watching her creativity. Daniel was happy because he no longer had to mow.

That was our weekend in a nutshell. It was good, busy, productive, clean, and yummy.

Here's to a good new week for me and you!

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