Judah and the Haircut Fiasco

It was rough but not nearly as rough as the last two years of cutting Judah's hair. Those years were enough to make me want to curl up in a ball in my bed under the covers; the screaming and thrashing and torture and voice loss was a complete nightmare. I hated cutting Judah's hair. Hated it. The only way we could all survive was to shave his hair off because that meant another six, maybe eight if we were lucky, weeks before we had to repeat the torture session.

And then it happened. A miracle. The haircut before this one was unfolding the way they always did: Judah screaming so loudly that he would, within a minute or two start to lose his voice, Daniel attempting to talk him down, and me trying desperately to cut the boys hair so it could all be over. But then, a few minutes in to the cut.... he laughed. It started out little but then it grew louder and longer. Daniel and I just looked at each other, incredulous. Judah was laughing and saying: "It tickles, Mama!"

Uh, come again??

Where was the screaming boy?

Daniel and I immediately rolled with it though we were in complete shock; I must say it was the best haircut ever. Judah laughed the whole way through. Daniel and I could not believe what our ears were hearing but boy, oh boy were we ever thankful.

Ever since that hair cut Judah would ask if he could get his hair tickled again. It was the weirdest thing to hear him ask for a haircut! When it finally came time for another haircut he was so excited. Until the clippers made their buzzing sound. Then he started to freak out; Daniel was able to talk him down and he got back to the happy boy he had been before. I think we may have turned a corner! This is exciting stuff.

I never know what to expect with my Judah. He's the child that's going to keep me dancing around on the tips of my toes. But, I do know this one thing: when it comes time for Judah to be a father, he is going to be amazing. He is incredible with Eliza. And I really mean that. He allows her to body slam him, get her fingers all up in his face, and climb all over him. He just laughs. He doesn't push her away or yell at her. He loves on her all day long. He blows my mind with his kindness. Every day he talks about getting big enough to be a daddy. It makes my heart so happy to hear him talk like that.

But, let's not rush things, okay.

*Post from 1 year ago today: The View From Here
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