Shame on me!

I know, it's terrible of me to whip out my camera in Eliza's time of desperate need. But, it was so stinkin' hilarious to see her stuck, doing the splits, that I just couldn't let this one go. She wasn't hurt but she was seriously ticked off. Wow.

I've gotten my due recompense, never fear. I have cut myself twice with a serrated knife (two different knives), in just over twelve hours, on the same hand but different fingers, thankfully (as if there is something to be thankful for! I guess not cutting my finger(s) off would be one thing...).

Let me give you a little golden nugget of wisdom.... DON'T CUT YOURSELF WITH A SERRATED KNIFE!! It hurts like the dickens.

I was so mad with the first cut; I was in a hurry (what else is new); I was doing twenty-five things at once, I reached for a spoon in the clean dish drainer and the cake/brownie cutting thingy jumped right in front of my hand and sliced my thumb. It did it on purpose, I just know it. I nearly lost it!

Cut number two...

This morning I was flying low. Seriously, you probably couldn't even see me clearly, should you have looked, I am quite sure I was blurry because of the speed I was working at. I was trying to get us out the door so we could meet bloggy friends, Michelle and Eden down in Roswell for the Buddy Walk, which was in support of Michelle's daughter, Kayla.


(We made it by the way)

Anyways, I was at the sink reaching for something, again in the clean dishes, when the cheese knife jumped in front of my hand and sliced my middle finger open. GLORY! I did lose it that time. I was livid! And bleeding. And, worst of all, I had to stop and deal with another cut finger.

Let's just say: Serrated knives are on my black list. We are not friends. I'm sure we will not be on speaking terms any time soon.

And you can bet your bottom dollar I was super duper careful about reaching into the dish drainer this evening. Stupid knives. My fingers hurt.

I solemnly swear, no more pictures of Eliza doing the splits...

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