VBlog: How to make Chicken Broth
Well, hello very first Vblog ever!

You'd think I am a full blooded Italian with all the hand waving that went on. I'm not. I don't even have a drop of Italian in me. Maybe the Lebanese wave their hands around a lot?? Anyways... Below the video I am including all the details I forgot, as well as a written recipe for the broth.

Sorry about the florescent light thing. It was either have them on or not see me; it was a dark and stormy day, yesterday.


I used an 8 quart pot, filled 3/4 of the way with filtered water.

After I assembled all the ingredients into the pot, I brought it to a boil and then reduced it to a low simmer for what ended up being 4 hours. It was only that long because I forgot about it. Two hours would have been fine since my chicken was already cooked.

I tried to pretty much leave it alone but I'm a compulsive stirrer. I just can't help myself!


This is the broth about 2 hours into the cooking.


1 cooked chicken carcass with meat taken off (or a bunch of bones from a cut up chicken would be fine too)

6 or so quarts water

4-6 carrots chunked up

1 heart of celery chunked up

7 cloves garlic

2 sprigs fresh Rosemary or 1 Tablespoon (more if you like the flavor)

4 sprigs fresh Thyme or 1 Tablespoon dried

1 Tablespoon salt (you can also do less if you want, waiting until the end to add it)

1 teaspoon black pepper

1 Tablespoon dried Sage (or 5 or 5 fresh leaves)

1 Tablespoon Onion Powder

After the broth is cooked and cooled, if you you weren't using a pot with an insert like I was, you'll need to strain the broth. After you do that, divide it up into quart size Ziploc - 2 cups each- don't forget to mark them! Stick those in your freezer and you have convenient, cheap, delicious chicken broth.


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