What was I up to today?
A lot.

I was in my kitchen all day long. And, since it's my favorite place to be in the whole house, I was a happy girl.

It felt good to accomplish so much, though I did not appreciate the loads of dishes this evening. But even that was okay, I get some of my best thinking done standing in front of the sink.

I knew that today was going to be rainy, dark, and cool, which to me is perfect for cooking and baking. And since we go to church on Friday night, I had the entire day laid out in front of me. I made my plans for today, Friday morning; I made sure I got everything I needed, at the store yesterday so there wouldn't be any surprises today. And it actually worked! Miracles, miracles.

So, what did I make, you ask?

Deeeep breath....

I made: Strawberry Lemon Cream scones. In place of the cranberries I used cut-up strawberries tossed in flour, and I used lemon peel in place of the orange peel. I bless the person who created the microplane. LOVE that tool.

A double batch of banana bread (holy tons of banana bread, man!! I was not prepared.) Oh yes, you better believe I added in chocolate chips.

I made two roasted sticky chickens. I needed the meat for the White bean Chicken Chili (used dried navy beans - cooked those today too.)

White Bean Chicken Chili... this was too good for words. I used salsa verde, in case you wanted to make this - it is so much simpler and faster making it that way!

Brown rice for an accompaniment to the mouth-watering chili.

Rye bread. Completely delicious. I make it the quick way - skipping the whole letting it rise for four hours thing. Seriously! Who has that kind of time?! Not me. My batch made thirty rolls and one loaf.

Chicken broth, from the roasted chickens. Only a small batch, enough for the chili, but I am going to use the two chicken carcasses to make TONS of it tomorrow, after I take the meat off, of course. Roasted sticky chicken makes the absolute BEST broth in the world. Don't even think about doubting me, it's the truth!


That was a lot of food that I created today! But, it was fun, and satisfying, and my house smelled good all day long.

Tomorrow is suppose to be the same weather as today so who knows what I shall create! Maybe nothing, I don't think I have fully recovered from nearly getting lost underneath the loads of dishes I had to wash! And yes, I do have a dishwasher but I never, ever use it. I'm a hand-washer. So, I should stop complaining, right?

Oh, and you'll be happy to know... No more knife run-ins!! That was just the cherry on the top of my delicious day.

Anyone want to come over for a breakfast of strawberry scones and banana bread washed down with some piping hot chocolate raspberry coffee? My only stipulation is... you have to like kids. They come with the territory.
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