Miss Eliza Dove and Linzer Cookies

Good Morning!

How are you all doing? I'm doing okay; tired, wishing I could lay in bed and watch the world slowly brighten outside my window, but I can't.
Thursday is the new Wednesday, for me anyways. By Thursday I am just whupped and ready for the week to be over.

Today I am going to implement an approach that I use once in awhile. I am going to pretend that I am FULL of energy and ready to go! Sometimes doing this fools my frame of mind into actually being that way.

I'm feeling very optimistic that it's going to work today. And this is a great thing because I have lots to do - cleaning, laundry (laundry, laundry, laundry), vacuuming and mopping, obsessively checking Eliza's mouth to see if tooth number two popped through yet, baking something, making turkey burgers for dinner, and all the other urgencies that find their way into my day.

But, before I start in on all that I wanted to share some of yesterday (the part where the term "blinding headache" wasn't a reality) with you...

I had some one on one time in the morning with Eliza so I did a little experiment; I love watching her explore the world around her, seeing what captures her attention. I put her up on my old (antique??) trunk; the trunk was in front of a window, next to a hanging plant, and had a vase of roses sitting on it. I was interested to see what she would do, what she would go for first. I had my camera ready, of course.
For awhile she just sat in front of me and clapped her chubby hands together. We sang Patty Cakes and I tickled her every now and then just to hear her laugh.


Then she noticed the plant; she felt the leaves, they touched her head and she cringed. She tugged on the plant a bit, mama said "no pulling," so she moved on. What fun is a plant if you can't yank on it?

The rose vase was next; what exciting textures it had! She ran her fingers over it, feeling the glass, just taking it all in. She pretty much ignored the bright red roses which I thought was interesting. I thought for sure she'd pull at the petals.


She tried to grab the vase but knocked it over. I didn't mind; the roses were nearly all gone past so it didn't bother me. When the vase fell over, pretty rose petals scattered everywhere. A perfect photo opportunity, in my opinion.

Roses petals and baby hands suit each other so well.


We played in the petals for awhile, enjoying their softness and bright color. I managed to get a nice picture of Eliza's pretty bracelet, but then it was back to work.


I was making Linzer cookies, hoping they would work for my photo project.


I'm thinking along the lines of not. I didn't have the right tools, and the way that I tried to make them, with different sized heart-shaped cut outs, didn't work. I had to improvise so much that I don't think that I can call them Linzers anymore.

We shall see how creative I can get with non-Linzer cookie stacks today.

Have a happy day, friends!

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