Photography Class Pictures: Depth of Focus
Tonight I turned in the second assignment for my photography class. Can you believe, I was even more nervous this assignment than I was last time?! I was so nervous, my stomach felt like it had more knots in it than Eve's hair does in the morning! And that is pretty hard to top, I'll have you know.
Thankfully, I did great! My teacher loved my three pictures and didn't have a bad word to say about any of them. Phew!

Our assignment for this week was to portray depth of focus (or field). We needed to have two pictures with shallow depth of focus (subject is in focus but everything else is not) and one picture with greater depth of focus (pretty much everything is in focus).

Here are my pictures... I know, you've already seen the flamingo one but be nice and pretend you haven't. Okay! (Hear that in the voice of Bill Engvall, please.)

These two are shallow depth of focus:



This one is greater depth of focus:


My next assignment is to take twenty-five pictures of a single subject matter, turning in the best three. The hardest part is going to be figuring out what to shoot as my subject matter! I'd best get my creative juices flowing.... I think eating some chocolate will help.

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