Being Authentic
I was putting away a book this morning, it was called Being an Authentic Christian. It made me smile to see that title because authenticity has been on my heart for awhile now. One of the reasons I have been thinking about it is because of this blog.

This particular forum lends itself to a lack of authenticity. It's easy for one to let the world see only the good things. It's something I think most all bloggers struggle with. I know I have struggled in this area on my blog. But, certainly not on purpose, mind you. It's simply in my nature to keep things on the upbeat. I am not one of those people who just naturally let's it all hang out. That isn't me. I am more private, careful who I talk to about what. But, my most important reason is that I don't find joy or even relief in pouring out all my ick, my troubles, my worries, my issues on masses of people who have enough of their own; people who may not necessarily want to hear about my crappy day.

But, in saying that, I do want to become more transparent with you all (I desperately wanted to write y'all right there! It's all I hear down here so it's starting to infiltrate my vocabulary) it is important to me that you get to see the real deal here on this blog. And you have been getting that - the real Andrea - but only in part; I want to give you the other part of me. The one that struggles with motherhood, the one that is wading through this thing called marriage, the one that wonders if I am becoming the woman I really want to be, the one who is figuring out boundaries and all that comes along with that; you know life stuff.

Don't expect me to start whining about my bad day or complaining about friends or my children, or even telling you all the gory details (though I will tell you some if you really want to know!). Like I said before, it's not me to act in that manner. But, what I want you to know is this: I am not perfect and I don't have it all together; I am human, just like you.

And I want you to know me.

So, here's to blog authenticity... it won't always be pretty but it will be real. Yo.

*Post from 1 year ago today: Apple Picking and I am Pregnant Yet Again
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