A Southwest Sunset

I don't know if it's the wide open spaces, something in the air, or if it's simply a Southwest thing but we have the most spectacular sunsets. They very often take my breath away with their utter beauty.

This picture was taken right before a magnificent rainstorm. The rain came down so hard and so fast you could not see two feet in front of your face. It was amazing to watch from my doorstep but you can bet I was thanking God I wasn't driving in it.

The last time we drove out to Albuquerque we saw the beginnings of a tornado. That was intense! And frightening. I do love living in the state of New Mexico and I love that the Air Force affords me the opportunity to do so.

What is one or two of your favorite attributes from the place you call home?

For me, in New York, it was the winding roads. I loved driving on those roads! And I loved the big maple trees. And the gorgeous, grand, Victorian style homes that are everywhere.

My favorite attribute of Alaska was the wildness. It is truly wild up there; a wild stunning beauty. That is what that state is. I do miss it at times. A lot.

North Dakota... hmmmm. There wasn't much I liked about North Dakota. But, upon greater thought I would say, the thunderstorms. They were absolutely amazing! They were super intense and very aggressive. Just the way thunderstorms should be. And I was okay with that as long as Daniel was holding me. Have I ever mentioned I am terrified of thunderstorms?

My favorite thing about Vermont was how green it is during the Spring and Summer months. It is like eye candy! The mountains and the grasses and the trees! Gorgeous! And I loved the natural bent that was very present in that state. Sometimes it strayed into the ridiculous category, like the time someone posted signs along some highway construction, quoting The Lorax. But, overall, they were very supportive of the little guy and living healthfully. And I loved that.

So, your turn!

*Posts from 1 year ago today: Eve's Novembers and SNOW!
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