Two Tea Bags Kind Of Girl.

I realized something about myself today.

Wanna know?


I am kind of intense.

Like, a lot.

Didn't realize that until today.

I am sure that those of you who know me already knew that.

You could have told me.

It's good for a girl to know this.

Wanna know what clued me in?

The two tea bags.

I can't hack weak tea. I need robust flavor. And a dark, rich color. And sweet.

And then I started thinking... thinking about my red hair. And the Green and Blacks chocolate bar that I loved and could live on... it's 85 percent cocoa. And the way I make coffee way strong, like grow hair on places that shouldn't have hair, kind of strong. Because why would you want it normal?

And homebirthing three children. And not just bringing you - to the tiniest detail - homemade chicken soup for dinner but homemade rolls and homemade cookies and salad.

And deep relationships with a few friends because I don't want to spread my affections thin.

This could go on. But I'll spare you.

Is this intense personality I have bad? I'm not sure. But it's me. And most times, I like me.

The two tea bags kind of me.

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