What to do... What to do?
Poor Judah. He was sick this week. He tossed his cookies Tuesday morning and basically felt like crap all day. He had no appetite, he was tired, kind of cranky, you know.... sick.

Wednesday was much better but then Thursday he tossed his cookies again. Same thing... sick, tired, no appetite, and cranky. And then, last night, Eliza was tossing her cookies. Neither Daniel or I got any sleep to speak of. I am thankful for God's help today; I never would have made it but for His grace.

Eve went to bed with a bowl next to her bed, if that tells you anything.

I had forgotten to give the kid's their kefir smoothies for the last week or so. Dumb thing to do during flu season. But, I can only remember so much before stuff starts getting deleted in my brain!

Can we talk about this picture of my sweet, sick boy? Because there is so much to it! The sentimental part of me is off the charts right now...


Okay, the couch is the most obvious. I was laying on that couch within minutes of delivering Judah.

It was covered, of course.

We have had that couch since we first moved to North Dakota. I rue the day I have to get rid of it! It's so bright and colorful, I will miss the pop of color it gives my livingroom.
Thankfully, IKEA has a fabulous funky couch selection! When I need a new couch, I am going there. Too bad the closest one is in Dallas.

Next, the Elmo cup! Judah is totally and completely potty trained - both daytime and nighttime. I am so glad that ordeal is over with. Two down, one to go!

The blue blanket was a baby gift from our neighbor in VT. She knew I didn't know whether I was having a boy or a girl, so as soon as Judah was born she brought that right over. It was so fun to have something BLUE to wrap around my baby boy.

The frog blanket... that is part of (baby) Judah's crib bedding. I love those frogs!

Do you see that cut on Judah's forehead? He was chasing his ball down the hallway when he slid into the metal hinge on the closed door. I got to him within three seconds and when I turned him around to look at the damage, his face was totally covered in blood. It was gushing from the cut on his head and from a bloody nose. It was pretty scary.

And then... there's the thumb. What's not to love about my little thumbsucker?

And last, but certainly not least, is Judah's "potato bug." In actuality, that is "Ben" the lady bug. But, shhhhhh. Judah doesn't want to hear that. It's his potato bug and that's all there is to it.

Did you know Judah's birthday falls on Thanksgiving this year? It does. And I am so conflicted! I love Thanksgiving! It's pretty much my favorite holiday. But, I really think Judah's birthday should take precedence... I just don't know how to accomplish that. Do we postpone our Thanksgiving to the next day. Or should we combine the two somehow? I want him to have a really special day - it's his first year of being totally excited about his birthday. Like I said... conflicted!

Any good suggestions on the birthday/Thanksgiving situation?

Happy Weekend!

P.S. I totally fell asleep twice while writing this! Good night, friends.

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