Photos From Class, Yo.

The assignment was to bring in photos taken with the theme of "Vintage." My wedding rings (in the above picture) aren't true vintage; they are of the filigree style and look vintage but were purchased new. I would have loved to have had true antique filigree rings but holy cow are they expensive! At least the ones I loved were. Apparently, I have very expensive taste.


I bought this platter at the Salvation Army and paid practically nothing for it. I know I should polish it but I am rather partial to the beauty of the tarnish. I'm going to leave the silver just the way it is.

Today was a happy day here at my house! Today I bought two tickets for a long stay at home for Christmas! My parents very generously bought us two more tickets with their hard earned air miles. I am so thankful for my thoughtful, generous Mom and Dad. Though, I'm positive they didn't do it for any other reason than so they could see their grandchildren. I'm no fool.

Man, I sure do miss home. More than I had anticipated. I love New Mexico - I think I've established that fairly well - but it's not home.

I know, I know... home is where the heart is. Home is where your family is. And in Vermont, though it took a few years, our little red house and our little town felt like home to Daniel and I.
In actuality, it became a home away from home. Way down deep I will always feel that home is where I grew up.

I need to sit and let my ears hear my Grandma Chips' sweet, low, husky voice. I need to get a kiss from my Poppie and smell his beloved coffee breath and feel his whiskers tickle my cheeks. I need to know that I can get a hug from my Dad and eat my mom's wonderful food. I want to hear my children's happy voices mingled with the sound of my family all around me.

I feel safe when I am at home.

Because of today I am excited for Christmas, knowing that my little family will be home, in a place as familiar to me as my own hands. Wouldn't you agree that we all need those times where we can let ourselves be comforted by the sounds, the smells, the touches, and the tastes of home?

Any big (or little) Christmas plans?

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