Friday, Friday...
Today was all about doing laundry and making tortillas. I took it easy and it was nice. The kids were superb, especially Judah with the whole potty thing. He showed me today how he can do the whole process without my help. Well, process number one, if you know what I mean. What a huge help this is to me! It is music to my ears to hear the toilet flushing. It means I was not needed and you don't even know how good with that I am. Or, maybe you do.

Tomorrow we take him to buy an Elmo sippy cup. That is the reward he wanted for being potty trained. So, that is the reward he will receive. Kids are blessedly easy to please.

I saw a couple signs for garage sales tomorrow; I've got my hopes set on the wind disappearing in time for the sales. It wasn't windy today, it wasn't gusty, it was rip the very breath from your lungs and hurl it to kingdom come kind of windy. It's whirling around out there still. The sound of it rushing through the screens on our windows is way loud.

Tonight was church followed by "date night." What a fantastic program our church has set up! We always take Eliza with us when we go out but it's fine. She's relatively quiet. We usually do something super exciting like go grab a coffee, hang out at the bookstore, or go to Hobby Lobby. We are thrilling. There's a whole lot of nothin' to do in this town but besides that... we're kind of boring. Though, in my head I'm totally not.

Wait! Last week we went out to eat! For my birthday. That was fun mostly because I got french fries on the side of my burger. French fries and I have a serious love affair.

Not much happening this weekend. And I love that. I'll hit up the garage sales and hopefully find what I am looking for. Maybe some grocery shopping. Definitely some long walks. And, more than likely, lots of good food being consumed by the five of us.

Lucky for you, because of NaBloPoMo, you will all be kept abreast of my exciting weekend. Contain yourselves now.

P.S. Will someone please kick me in the pants and tell me to break out the camera! It's been days. What is my problem?

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