Misconceptions and Conception
I've decided that next week I am going to open up the blog (in the comment section) and have a conversation about the misconceptions we military spouses find civilians have with the military lifestyle. I find that this conversation can sometimes be awkward and not very much fun but I think it is much needed.

So, you military wives, I want you to come back loaded next week. Loaded with the misconceptions you have run into about the life we live.
But I don't just want the misconceptions, I want the truth tagged onto it. It can be extremely frustrating to be so misunderstood so this is a good chance to get the correct information out and into a public forum.

And everyone else who is not in the military, bring your questions. We would LOVE to answer them. No question will be looked on as stupid. Nothing at all.

Ask anything you want because, believe me, we are a wealth of information and there is not much we like to do more than talk about being a military spouse.

It's important that there is an understanding on both sides as to what this crazy military life is really like.

I am looking forward to this conversation because I just know it will be extremely beneficial to all who participate. Whether it be for the civilians or the young woman marrying a military man... getting slammed with tons of new confusing information and feeling lost in a world of acronyms. They both need some answers!

I hate having to tag this on but I must. Please, everyone, be nice. Kindness is expected and required. If you are not, I will the delete the crap out of ya.

I know, not very nice of me, huh! I am low on my "crap" word count today. I needed to get my number up a bit. Forgive me.

And now, moving on to the subject of conception... I am in that spot. The spot where I want to have another baby. Now.
It's been like clockwork for 5 years... it always happens when the baby of the family is (almost) walking, I'm sleeping through the night, the memories of the difficulties associated with pregnancy/labor/post-partum have sufficiently faded, I'm a size 6 and that pregnant belly looks cute again... You know the tune.

Daniel and I have decided our family is complete but man... my hormones did not get the memo. I know a lot of you can understand those feelings.

Anyways, just had to get that off of my chest. And since we've talked about most everything else lately, I figured I was safe to talk about wanting another baby in my belly.

And with that thought, I am out of here.... Happy Friday, friends!
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