Let The Games Begin!
Last night was a monumental night. Last night marked the first time Eve has had a sleepover at our house.

I know.

She's five.

But, why would I want to keep something so very fun and exciting from her because she's only five.

I say: Let the games begin!

And, I figure, if we start young and lay the foundation of a what makes a sleepover great... maybe, just maybe, we'll have many, many more excellent sleepover experiences in the future.

I hope so, because I love them.

I'm really not sure who had more fun. Eve or me. I so enjoy my children. I love seeing them happy and having a ball.

There was dress up, and homemade pizza, dancing, laughter, and tickling. The girls had a sucker and watched part of "Tinkerbell" after Judah went to bed (poor Judah)(his time will come).

And even with all this fun, they were fast asleep by 8:30. I just love five year olds. They were up at 6:30 but we won't mention that or how Eve's friend remarked numerous times about how tired I looked. It was the honest truth. And just exemplified another reason why I love five year olds. They are so honest.

The girls had mercy on me; they quietly played Polly Pockets together until 7:30.

Praise God for allowing Mama to get more sleep.

A delicious breakfast and some more play time was the perfect way to cap off the sleepover.

The cherry on top was finding out that Judah makes a fantastic dinosaur and the girls perfect dinosaur food. Mmm Mmm Mmmmmm.....! Can't you just hear the screaming of two five year old girls being chased around the house by a hungry dinosaur?!

My camera shutter captured two little girls having the time of their life. Too bad my camera couldn't capture the smile in my heart.

I love creating wonderful memories with my children.
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