Two Slices of Banana
Two little slices of banana stand in the way of Eve and her afternoon snack. The rule around here is this: You can choose to eat your meal and have a snack later or you can choose to not finish your meal and miss out on snack.

This rule works good for us but sometimes, like today, I have to shake my head at the logic of my children. Eve could have eaten those two pieces of banana in one bite, but she chose not to. And I have to stick to my guns.

She's such a silly, silly girl at times.

It's good that our kids learn to make their own choices, and it's also good for our kids to see how those choices directly affect them. This consistent real life learning, in a loving home, may start out small but over the years will translate into great life lessons. The consequences of their choices are minor today, in ten years they may not be so minor, but the love will still be the same.

Two stinkin' slices of banana...
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