Dreams, Wrinkles, White Balance, and Pumpkin Pie
I'm so weird. Really, I am.

Okay, I have these dreams... You know, the ones at night... These dreams happen as often as I actually dream, which turns out to be not that often, I'm more of the drop into bed exhausted and don't move until the alarm goes off type.

Anyways, I have dreams where I can't find something - something I know, that I know, that I KNOW where it is.

Take for instance my dream last night: I'm trying to find the white balance control on my camera. And I know where it is! I am quite familiar with camera's menu. But I couldn't find it and I was feeling so very frustrated!

I was trying to photograph the faces of two older gentlemen...

(Which in real life I want to do!)

...I was taking so long to find the lens I wanted to use that the day turned into night. This meant I needed to adjust my white balance for indoor lighting but I could not find my white balance button. I was feeling upset; I was so excited to have these men sitting before me, with just the right faces to capture with my camera. They were perfect; full of wrinkles, and stories, and LIFE.

I never did find that stinkin' white balance. But, when I woke up I pictured my camera in my head... Of course, I knew right where was. Ugg. Anyone else have dreams of this nature?

All this to say: I want to photograph an older man or woman's face for my class in Wednesday. But I am having the hardest time working up the nerve to ask a random person.

Would you ask? If so, how?

My inquiring mind would like to know.

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