WWWAT: Beginnings and Endings

It's WWWAT time again! This week is "Beginnings and Endings." The picture I chose is the perfect image of this theme, for me.


In this photo my Great Grandfather is 99 years old - Eliza was 4 months old.

The two of them... they are like bookends. One is fresh from Heaven, newly created with life stretched out before her; the other is longing to walk back through Heaven's gates, longing to be held once again in our Father's arms, and looking back on a life well lived.

Beginnings and endings.

Both joyful, both necessary; knowing this doesn't erase my wish that Grandaddy could be here to watch my little girl grow up. But, my heart takes comfort in the knowledge that he'll still be watching, thankfully from a much better place. He'll even be able to hear my children laugh, because in Heaven his ears will be closed no longer.

To join in, visit Rachel at The Adventures of an American Mum.

Happy Wednesday, all!

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