Sunday Cleaning

I've mentioned here before about how I love to clean. It's fun for me! I love making something that was formerly dirty, shiny and clean. Unfortunately, my house has been lacking in the shiny and clean department lately - well, except my windows. Those have been exceptionally shiny and clean. I found an amazing, astounding, addicting window cleaner and I have been washing like a madwoman ever since.

My house... my poor house. It has taken the brunt of the adjusting to a school schedule. My floors have had enough dirt and crumbs on them to grow potatoes, the toothpaste globs in the kid's bathroom was reaching monumental proportions, there was peanut butter ground into the carpet, my kitchen sink was begging for a good scrubbing... on and on.

But time was just disappearing into thin air! And I was getting more and more frustrated with myself. Friday was the last straw; I had enough. Something had to be done this weekend. Fortunately our church has "Date Night" after the service on Friday's so we took advantage of that. We ate dinner nice and early, dropped the kids off in Sunday School (Friday School??) and went to the adult service. After the service we (Daniel, me, and Eliza) went to Lowe's, rented a carpet cleaner, came home and Daniel went right to work. Oh, the wonderfulness of clean, good smelling carpets! It all worked out so well. But I needed more. I needed hours to myself to clean.

Daniel said he would take the kids out of the house for a few hours so I could clean. So, that's what this morning was for me; loud music, lots of cleaning supplies, and time. It was pure happiness! I worked my tail off. And it was just what I needed. I basically don't have any time to myself anymore. It seems as if there is never a time when I can do a job from start to finish without interruption. So, for me to be able to clean, and scrub, and wash, and vacuum without having to tend to anyone or anything was incredibly refreshing. And now my house is sparkling. And it smells good.

Daniel decided to take the kids to the zoo. This was the result:



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