Fashion Forward?
Ten years ago I inhaled make-up. The art of making up my face was serious business for me. Yes on fun and funky eyeliner, no on foundation of any kind, yes to seriously well done eyeliner, no to dark lipstick, and yes, please to mascara. Oh, I loved it all and still do, quite honestly.

My main focus was eyeshadow; I was all about the bold, bright colors - the more intense the better. I had a rainbow for an eyeshadow collection; I never wore the same color two days in a row. For my wedding I wore bright yellow and green eyeshadow.... Traditional? I don't think so. I've never felt a real bond with the traditional pastels. I find them too limp and lifeless for my tastes. But, that's just me! Thank God for creating the rainbow, where in it we can all find our happy place color.

My favorite color eyeshadow was a deep, intense jade green. I loved that eyeshadow paired with a bright, shimmery granny smith apple green. Gorgeous!

Today I saw an online ad for L'Oreal HiP high intensity pigments; bright colors of eyeshadow, eyeliner, lip gloss and the like. I was somewhat taken aback. The colors and intensity I have loved and been wearing for ten years are finally "in?"
Look, I know I wasn't the first to wear bright, beautiful eyeshadow colors, but to think that just now they are becoming trendy and hip? This makes me wonder if I was fashion-forward or simply weird. Or perhaps it was neither. It could be that I was just totally awesome and it took ten years for the rest of the fashion world to catch on!


I don't know as I would ever buy a L'Oreal brand of eyeshadow, I am more of a Face Stockholm or Nars or CARGO or Urban Decay kind of girl. Regardless, I have to say it is good to see that making a statement with make-up is trickling down from the fashionistas (I am not including myself in this because I am so not one nor do I want to be.) to the every day, normal woman (this is me except I have a touch of rock n 'roll and a generous dab of sass) who happens to like beautiful colors.

But, should one delve into the bold and bright, moderation is the key. Moderation. This is crucially important and not something to forget. Otherwise, you may end up looking like a clown who got kicked out of the circus. And that is never, ever a good look. You'd scare the children.

What are you... bold, bright, and intense like me? Or do you rarely stray from the taupes?

Oh, and don't forget to tell me your favorite brand of make-up and why. I am very interested to know!

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