What a weekend!

Goodness, gracious, great balls of fire! What a weekend!

My parents have been out of the country, doing missions work, since July. On their return trip home they flew into Albuquerque so we could spend the weekend together. Eve and Judah were ecstatic! Eliza was on the fence; she just stared at my mom, with an unreadable expression, pretty much the whole weekend. Once in awhile she would crack a smile but mostly she just stared.

Yesterday we all headed back into Albuquerque to SHOP (!!!) and drop my parents off at the airport. Yesterday was calm, beautiful, peaceful and wonderful (if you don't count the huge funnel cloud we saw forming, causing me to nearly have a heart attack!), but today... you all wouldn't believe how much we fit into this day. It was insane! So much shopping, errands, playing outside, an airport run, even a trip to the zoo.

We ended up only having thirty minutes to spend at the zoo. It seemed a little crazy to spend fifteen dollars for a half of an hour, but it was really important to me that we keep our word and take the kids to the zoo like we promised.
Daniel literally ran those kids around the zoo, checking out as much as they could in the time we had. It was hilarious; Eve was breathless, Daniel said. I didn't participate in the running, instead Eliza and I hung out and took pictures. Or tried to. It was super bright out, which isn't at all good for picture taking. But, I just couldn't resist those napping flamingos.

After the zoo trip we had to rush back home because Daniel had a class to go to this evening. After he left it was dinner, baths, and bed for the kids. Phew! I am pretty much exhausted from it all. But, can I tell you how happy I am to have food and all the stuff I am use to! I walked into Costco this morning and just breathed in the smell. It was so lovely; I have been missing the comforts I use to have.

I'd like to say it is good to be home but really, truthfully, I'd rather still be in the ABQ. I love it here and I love it there. If only the two worlds could collide...

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