31 Things I Learned In My 27th Year.
Overcooked eggnog is truly disgusting.

I really am stronger than I think I am. It's not just an over-used phrase.

Labor hurts just as much the third time around.

Moving does not get an easier no matter how many times you do it.

I can handle three children in a grocery store without making myself bald in the process.

Moving away from my best friend broke my heart. Just like I thought it would.

The state of my eyebrows really did not matter when I was giving birth to my baby. Even though I thought it did.

Having bright red hair is my "thing." I will always love it.

I need true, get down and get dirty together, I'll change your kid's diaper, let me do your dishes, seen you without make-up, kind of friends desperately.

Goat milk is disgusting. I'd rather lick dirt off the ground than drink it again. And no one can ever make me change my mind.

Health food stores are vital to my happiness.

I am a thrift store addict. I am currently in the shaking part of the withdrawal process.

Cloth diapers are the way to go.

Necessity is indeed the mother of invention.

There are a lot of things I want but don't need. Like a gas stove. Or a wood burning oven. Or a hair cut. Or diamond earrings. Or trouser style jeans. Or brightly painted walls. Or another pair of heels. Or, or, or...

Cashmere shrinks if you put it in the dryer. Being mad doesn't make the sweater return to a normal size.

Sex gets better every year. (C'mon. I have three children. I have sex.)

It's probably because my husband gets sexier every year.

Family is really my heartbeat.

My body will never fully recover from having three babies in four and a half years.

I don't have to be perfect at photography to enjoy it.

I love teaching people how to cook.

Disappointment stings.

Potty training is for the birds.

I miss reading books. Without interruption.

I still need my mom.

I am the "idea" person but not the best at getting "it" done.

**I am a "Lion/Golden Retriever".

**Daniel is a Lion too. Having two "Lions" in one house can prove to be interesting. Not always in a bad kind of interesting way, either.

Sacrifice is always better. It usually hurts but it will always be better.

Twenty-seven wasn't all that bad.


**If you have 20 minutes or so and want to learn what personality you have - whether it be a Lion or an Otter or a Beaver or a Golden Retriever - listen to this broadcast.

Just skip to the 11-ish minute mark to learn about your personality type. The speaker is very engaging and funny. Daniel and I had a blast listening to this while we did the dishes.

Oh, it's a two part series. It's worth your time! Promise.

E-mail me or leave a comment if you listen to the broadcast. I want to know what you are!!!
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