Happy Birthday, LOVE!!!

(Daniel: Yes, you must get older if you are going to have the birthday.)

(Andrea: Bummer, dude.)

Happy Birthday Andie. When I think about your birthday, I think about how much you love your birthday and the smile you have when you're being excited about your very own special day. And that makes me smile. I can't help but reflect over the last year and wow, what a year.

-You gave birth to the sweet ball of pudge that took our hearts by storm
-We got orders to New Mexico
-We finished the "time not mentioned by name"
-We moved from VT to NM
-You got in the camera car and SLAMMED the pedal down (I am so incredibly impressed at how quickly you've grown in photography in such a short time)

I cannot say enough how you amaze me. Your tireless enthusiasm for our family just blows me away. I love that I get to watch you grow and develop your talents and relationships. I love to watch the kids adore you. I love that our family is so close. I love the things we take for granted, like dinner as a family, every night. I love to look forward to our weekends together. I love our walks, and our time together after the kids go to bed. I love planning our future together. I love everything about being yours. I love that you're mine. I love that it's your birthday, and I love that we're getting old together (cliche' groan). So, don't feel bad about getting to be so long in the tooth, I'm right there with ya. Love you babe. Pssst, 28 looks pretty darn good on you.

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