She's channeling the Three Stooges...

I had to use six of these suckers yesterday.

I made, for the very first time, yeast doughnuts. I've made cake doughnuts but never yeast doughnuts. I'm not sure they were worth the trouble. They were a lot of work. And oh, the dirty dishes the process produced! Ugg.

Yes, they were good, though I think they had a funny taste from the oil. I used vegetable oil but I believe peanut oil would have served me better.

Have you ever looked to see how much peanut oil costs?! It's astronomical. Next time, and there will be a next time because I must perfect them, I think I will have to spring for the peanut oil.

I also think I let the doughnut dough rise too much. The reason was, and this can be my downfall, I was doing way too many things at once. Surprise, surprise.

On another, very much unrelated note... I am wondering what your favorite bottle of wine is and where do you find it. I know, random questions. But, I want to know nonetheless. I'm of the curious sort. So spill... not literally, of course.

Oh, in case you are of the curious sort and were wondering what I am looking like today, I am channeling a bit of Aretha. Picture taken by Judah, of course.


Good picture... well, an okay picture. But you see that walker in the background? I'm breaking a cardinal rule in photography: de-clutter background.

Who ever made that rule didn't have children.

Let's try again...


Wait! Catch that...


...BABY! Before she tips the tripod. Phew! That was close.
Eliza looks a bit like she's channeling one of the Three Stooges.

I'm her mother. I can say that.

Let's try one more time...


Good enough. You get an idea of the crazy hair I am owner to.

Happy day, friends!

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