There's only one Judah...
First off... I hope you like black and white photos because I'm about to overload you with an absence of color.


Don't you just love lazy Saturday mornings? Lately we've been having this Saturday morning party on our bed; it's a pile of kids and two (tired) happy parents. I love the laughter and the giggles. And that crazy tickle monster always joins us; his appearance never fails to elicit lots of loud and enthusiastic squeals.

It's quite the party, I tell ya. There's limbs and hair and sheepskins galore! I very much look forward to Saturday mornings.

This particular morning Judah really captured my attention; and since he was willing to stick around and let me photograph him I exploited my chance. He never lets me photograph him without a fuss. Never ever. This morning... no fuss! I didn't stop to question him I just started snapping away.


He's my little thumb-sucker. As long as Judah has his thumb, he is alright. Having his sheep skin and his thumb.... this combo guarantees peace and relative quiet.


It's a constant thing. The thumb-sucking.


Still sucking his thumb but now we have the mirror! And a "fuzzy" being twirled in his nostril!

Hey, I don't get to choose the comfort methods of my children.


Forget the fuzzy! A finger shoved up his nose will work just fine.
This a common look for Judah. I've told him twelve thousand three hundred and eighty-two times how gross it is. He couldn't care less.


Everybody knows there no friend quite like the one in the mirror.


Oh, hey cutie! How did you sneak in here?! Come over here so Mama can eat those cheeks....


I love me some Judah. But, I am ever so thankful to have just one two year old. This little mirror session gave me a glimpse of what it would look like to have twin Judahs. No thanks. I'll keep my crazy level right where it is, thankssoverymuch.


Bye Judah-man (get it? Ju-da-MAN. Anyways.) Thanks for making my morning bright by holding (somewhat) still so I could capture the thumb-sucking, finger-in-the-nose, sheepskin snugglin', sweetness that is you.

By the way, you rock the Thomas the Train pajamas. Nobody can wear 'em quite like you. Love you, Stud.

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