I love the morning time. I love the bright sun and having the whole day, like a canvas spread out in front of me, just waiting for me to paint on it.

There is this hour and a half nearly every morning that I have almost to myself; the baby is sleeping and Judah plays by himself or around my feet while I work. I have my music turned on and I am creating something, anything in my kitchen; it is such a happy time for me.

Sometimes Judah watches a movie during our morning time... like this morning. It was sweet to see him draped over the couch enjoying a few peaceful moments by himself.


Boz was the movie of choice this morning. I love to hear Judah's little voice singing the songs.


Wile he was watching his movie I was chatting with my mom, cleaning up the kitchen from breakfast, doing laundry, and of course stopping long enough to snap a few photos for future smiles.


Because someday his now little body will be too big to drape over the arm of the couch. And Boz will be for babies. And Mama taking pictures will create a sheepish grin with blushing cheeks.


So, for today I captured this moment because it was sweet but for my tomorrow it's captured for the memory; the memory that he did indeed use to be that small.

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