Drunk on baby smell..
Not that I have ever been drunk, because I have not. Not even close. But, smelling Eliza today after her morning nap.... I was just gone. Lost in the sweet smell of her. And her cheeks, so warm and so incredibly soft; I thought I was going to melt right into the floor. I pretty much did, but on the way down I had the presence of mind to grab my camera so I could snap a few photos of my freshly woken up girl.


Those cheeks... I munch on them all day long.


I love everything about this photo. I love the way Eliza always drinks with her cups backwards; it cracks me up, I love her sweet pajamas especially because they were a gift from Ginger, I love her wrist rolls, and how you can almost feel how intensely soft her cheeks are just from looking at them. She slays me. I am completely lost to her.

After I somewhat recovered from the cheek incident of November 3, 2008 I went on to finish out my incredibly productive day. I baked four big pumpkins (tomorrow I puree and freeze), I made bread and rolls, made a good dent in the laundry, ate some cherry pie that I had made yesterday evening, roasted pumpkin seeds, did massive amounts of dishes, made dinner, successfully pinned my first prefold diaper...

Whoa... Can we stop right there and talk about this diaper pinning accomplishment?


It took me ten minutes to get that diaper successfully on my baby girl. Eliza was the perfect subject. Me, not the perfect pinner. I had used two diapers because I was afraid one wouldn't be enough. I can safely say that from now on one will most certainly be enough. You try pinning through six layers of diaper! Actually I had to fold the top over so it was nine layers of diaper.

No simple thing, my friends.

But I did it, though I do believe I broke out in a sweat before it was over. I definitely felt like I had done something great when it was all said and done.

Fine, so it's no Nobel Prize but still, it was big for me. You show me a Nobel Prize winner who swishes out dirty diapers in the toilet without wanting to hurl.

Anyways, go me.

Oh, add on to that productive day list that I cleaned the bottom half of my house too. I did not, however, make my bed (that is on the untouched top half of my house). But I will. I absolutely can not lay down to sleep in my bed if I have not made it. I'm so weird.

Another successful day in the NaBloPoMo arena. Tomorrow look for a camera review post. This one is on a sweet little point and shoot!!

Last thing, I promise. As for another Vblog.... I made one the other day but smack dab in the middle of it I got the hiccups. Go ahead, you can laugh, it was very funny. It would have been even more hilarious if I had posted it. I re-made it later in the day when I experienced a small break in the hiccups but when I went to retrieve my video camera.... I discovered the batteries had died some time during the recording session.

I gave up. But, I will post another one, never fear. They are such fun, aren't they!

Ciao, friends!

*Post from 1 year ago today: The View From Our Hotel Room

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