Three just may be the ticket

Cute cup. Yummy coffee.


Cuter boy drinking the yummy coffee.

Two has been rough. Seriously. Judah's second year of life has felt like the longest year of my life.

You all know I am crazy in love with Judah, but whoa... that child has put me through my paces as a mother. He's not strong-willed. I know that much; but man oh man, is that boy stubborn.

Kind of like someone else I know.

That.... would be me.

There are some things that Judah has absolutely no convictions about. Then, there are other things that the child will not budge on. His conviction about that certain point, whether it be wearing his shoes on the right feet or saying the dinner prayer, runs deep. And he is willing to fight the battle necessary to follow through on what he believes.

Year two may have been really rough but I have a good feeling about three. I think year three is going to be a great time in Judah's life (optimism at it's finest!). I can already see the changes that this new, almost here, year is going to bring. I can see things clicking with him and it's exciting! He is starting to see that there are reasons why I tell him to do certain things; he is putting two and two together and coming up with four! It's amazing to see his face light up when the words I am saying actually make sense to him.
I get so excited with each victory he grabs hold of. I love seeing him get things. Yes, there are still plenty of tantrums and obstinate moments, especially on days like today where there was no nap. And, while there may not have been a nap, today was accident free, victorious potty training day! I'll take that over a nap any day of the week.

I can hardly wait to make Judah that strawberry birthday cake he asks for every night. And I sure am looking forward to seeing three slightly chubby fingers being held up when he is asked for his age.

T-minus 30 days....

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