That Time of Year

It's that pumpkin pie for breakfast time of year again! This year I have yet another peter, peter pumpkin eater with rosebud lips to feed. Eliza loves pumpkin pie! Okay, Eliza loves just about any food you put in front of her, well, except biscuits. She doesn't dig the biscuits.

More for me.

Do you know the best part about the most recent pumpkin pie I made? The pumpkin was free! I got five pumpkins from the library - no, they aren't on loan - they had made up a psuedo pumpkin patch for the storytime kids to walk through and pick out a pumpkin in. Judah and Eliza each got one pumpkin, but then because of the excess we were able to take one more for each of the kids. This means LOTS of pumpkin in my freezer for muffins, bread, and pie all winter long. Yum!

It's also that "fall back" time of year again. This first day of gaining an hour always feels to me like the absolute longest day of the year. Technically that particular day is in June but I would beg to differ. My goodness! I thought bedtime was never going to come. I am one tired girl. It probably doesn't help that we packed a whole lot of living into the last two days. But, it was a nice weekend with plenty of good things being accomplished. In fact, as of now you can walk from one end of our garage to the other without risking life and limb doing so. And if you think I am joking I can assure you I am not. Our garage was a death-trap.

Well... my eyes are burning and I keep finding myself staring off into space so I am going to wrap this day up. See ya tomorrow!

As an aside: I'm pretty good about posting nearly every day on here but just for kicks I joined in on the NaBloPoMo (on my sidebar). Joining means that I must blog every day for the month of November. I'm up for the challenge - are you? Let me know if you joined in also; I'd love to be NaBloPoMo buddies with you!

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