And then...
Today was much happier than yesterday. Thank you, Lord. I spent the better part of the day in my kitchen aka my happy place. I made bread and chicken soup. Gingersnap cookies too. I even ate one. I could have eaten them all.

Today I consumed almost the rest of my birthday chocolate. I am feeling great sadness that it is nearly gone. I don't believe any store in my town carries Green and Blacks. Fools.

I mopped my floors last night with a mixture of Mr. Clean with Febreeze and straight ammonia. The end result was a kind of shiny floor! I wanted to hug the tiles. And then this morning, unknowingly, I dropped a small amount of honey on the floor while I was making bread... when I finally realized it, there were honey tracks everywhere in my kitchen. You'd better believe I was on my hands and knees scrubbing. I'm not ready to give up the shine; I worked far too hard for it as my mop is broken and I had to hand squeeze the water out after each rinse. That sure gets old fast. Especially when your head is hanging over the ammonia bucket while you squeeze.

I think I failed to mention earlier that I was up at a little after 4 this morning. A mere forty-five minutes later I was, with our three small children, in the van taking Daniel to work. I got back home a little before six. Is this crazy to anyone else? What does a mother do with three small children at a little before six in the morning? Feed them waffles, of course. And apples with peanut butter. And juice.

And listen to: Mama... I need more sleep. And, Mama... why is it still night out? And, Mama... it's the MOON! And, Mama... will I ever get to go to school today?

It was a long day. I walked by my bed this early afternoon and literally fought a physical urge to throw myself on it and surrender to the desperate need for sleep. But, I was strong. I went and thrilled myself by making a salad for dinner instead. Right. I really just wanted to sleep, but if I had laid down it would have been all over.

It was 74 today. Surreal. Weird. Crazy.

Tomorrow is Friday, which I am totally not able to wrap my mind around, for some reason. Daniel is on stand-by so let's all cross our fingers and our toes that there will be no electrical emergencies for the next seven days. Last time there was and it sucked. But, hey, we're not in Recruiting duty anymore. And for that I am eternally grateful.

Eliza waved for the first time today. I nearly died from the sweetness of it. Oh, Daniel and I decided what we are getting her for her birthday. A box of dominoes. The girl is in love with those little white rectangles. She threw a fit when I took her away from them to get ready for bed.

NaBloPoMo makes me feel boring. I come to the end of the day wanting to write a great post and I sit here not doing that. It makes me realize just how day to day I am. And, aside from the relative boringness when it comes to post writing, I realize how much I love being me. Day to day quality and all.

*Post from 1 year ago today: The Birthing Tub aka The Pseudo Drug
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