Photo Assignment of Shadows and Reflection
Hey... it's me! Me with very long legs.

IMG_767602  Shadow Self-Portrait

I was out at dusk attempting to capture shadows and refections for my next class assignment. Oh baby, was it cold out there.

But, the cold was oddly comforting. I was so aware of everything; my fingers, my toes, my hair swirling around my head, my body shivering in response to the definite snap in the air. I can't think of a time I have enjoyed photographing anything so much as I did that night. For all the sound of the wind I heard silence; my fingers and eye working almost as one; my mind free, only taking pictures of the things that moved me, that created emotion in my chest.


The water looked so soft to me. Like textured glass.

IMG_767401 Stick

Looking at this photo and the one above makes me feel melancholy.


The feathers caught in the dying grasses captured my attention.


The tentative ripples in the pond breaking the rising Fall moon into bright shards of light.


The bridge that doesn't feel the tender caress of a single footstep.

I felt emotion taking these pictures. My hope is that they created emotion in your chest too.

Oh, and that they earn me another one-hundred on my assignment. Reality is such a downer.

*Post from 2 years ago today ( One of my most favorite things Daniel has ever written.) Born in the Family
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