Getting A New Laptop...
is akin to a having a new baby. The end product just isn't as cute.

So, I got my new laptop today. I named her "Sweet Girl." This is quite a step up as I had named our other computer "Stupid Thing." Oh yes I did. Because that was what I was always calling it. I never quite understood why it couldn't read my mind.

Oh, I love her. My Sweet Girl. She's not a Mac book but I don't mind a bit. It just didn't make sense to buy one seeing as I already had Photoshop for Windows. It kind of felt like I would have been throwing money away because a Mac book would have rendered my CS3 useless. I would have had to spend more money to buy the Mac version of CS3. You know?
So, here I stand (sit) with my shiny new laptop and I kind of felt like I just went through labor and was handed a beautiful new baby. So excited...! Let's get this thing started! And then reality strikes.... the baby cries. Oh yeah... I have to start from scratch. Ugh. How do you work this thing? Okay, deep files, upload files, figure out what the heck went wrong....

But, we're in business now. It only took four hours, one small squabble, a phone call to Amanda, and a tiny bit of hair pulling to get us here.


I had been dying a slow painful death without my pictures to mess around with, my camera card has been full for ages, and I felt painfully aware of my lack of a creative outlet.

Even making this cake couldn't help. Probably because I can't create a beautiful cake to save my life. Though I did give it a good effort with my very limited time frame and cake decorating capabilities. Thankfully I was able to fulfill the requirements stated to me by a certain five year old female... it must have sprinkles.

Red Velvet Cake

This Red Velvet cake was for the Valentine's Day party Eve's kindergarten class held on Thursday... those five year olds pretty much thought I hung the moon. Phew. They can be a tough crowd, you know.
Apparently it tasted amazing; people I didn't even know were coming in to get a slice. Word traveled fast. What I do know is the chocolate buttercream frosting and I had a passionate love affair going on.

Back to my laptop angst... I semi-faithfully continued to bring my camera with me; taking pictures, deleting pictures so I could take more pictures, crossing my fingers and hoping I wasn't deleting something like this

Judah and the BlowFish

I still have some work to do transferring files from my little white laptop to my girl. But I am so happy. So very, very happy. Though, I must admit, it feels silly to be this happy about a hunk of plastic and metal.

You know what... you can just call me silly.
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