Military Misconceptions And Questions
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**Who is going to tackle this question by Anonymous, left in comments on the Misconceptions and Conception post??

The question is this: "Why do people enlist in the armed forces knowing that they will almost certainly go to fight a war?"

I'm going to have Daniel give his answer once he is back home from his TDY in which he was preparing for his turn in fighting a war....


Misconceptions about the life of those in the military.....

Where to begin?

I'll start with the one that bothered me the most. And this one isn't an 'across the board' misconception. This one is directly related to Recruiters.

The misconception was that Daniel, as a Recruiter, received a bonus or commission on each person he enlisted in the Air Force.

Not true. It would have been awesome had it been true, believe me! He put a LOT of people in the Air Force within those four years.

We did, however, receive a special duty pay of 450 dollars each month. It is the highest you can receive as his job was deemed among the hardest. Funny thing is that the cost of living was so extravagant in Burlington, Vermont that that 450 dollars kept our heads just above water. And for that I am thankful. But, let me just tell you, money will never replace having a husband or a father at home. Never.

Another misconception I have found, and it was touched upon in an earlier post, is that the men and woman who enter the military do so out of desperation or because they are ignorant.

Daniel received a 98 for an ASVAB score; he has three associates degrees, and is thisclose to his Bachelors. He is wicked smart. His decision to enter the military was well thought out.

We don't receive any extra money for each child we have. Every deployed member doesn't end up with PTSD. Deployments are not always forced, some volunteer to go (Daniel did this). Pity is not what we want from you when our husbands are deployed; we just want your help and care. We make very little money but we have wonderful benefits.

There is so much misinformation out there. It makes me sad.

C'mon military spouses/members help me out. Bring the misconceptions you have been faced with.

Civilians, bring your questions! Anything and everything. Like I said before, nothing is going to be looked upon as stupid.

I am going to leave this up at the top for a little while so that we can have some good discussions.

**Please visit this post's comments: Misconceptions and Conception for a lot of discussion that has already taken place.
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