Going to the ABQ!
So, I'm driving to Albuquerque today. By myself and two of my three kids.

Enter slight panic attack.

It's not the two kids thing that scares me. Or the long hours in the car. It's the city driving.

I'm a country girl; you give me country roads or even small town roads and I am just fine. I can find a short cut, remember the zigging and the zagging like nobody's business. But the city? I'm a wreck. I get flustered and confused. Those big green signs... they scare me.

Thankfully I have "Crazy" with me, our GPS. But, I'm not even sure if she's going to be able to save me today. She is, after all, named after her chief character trait: Crazy.

You'll pray for me, right? Believe me, I am going to be needing them. I'd really like to keep my van within the state of New Mexico and not end up in Oklahoma or Arizona because I got lost; I'd really like to quickly find the airport and be able to pick my mother in law up, on time. I'm quite certain she'd appreciate that too. And, I'd like to be able to make it back home before midnight.

I get so nervous before doing stuff like this, stuff that is so entirely out of my comfort zone. But, I put on my big girl panties and I tell myself: you just have to do it. There is no other way.

And, usually, I am able to defeat my fear! I'd like today to be another victory. And it ought to be because I matched my big girl panties with my bra. I've got to get some extra points for that! Right?

I'll see you on the other side of today!
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