Military Topic: Kindess
It seems to me that there are three kinds of attitudes that come from the non-military people in this country. There are the ones who are anti-military even down to hating the actual military members (hello, 99% of Vermont?), the ones who are apathetic or even those who may voice support for the military but never act on it, and the ones who are all out supportive, kind, and sold out patriotic.

Today I want to focus on the third group - the kind supporters of our country's military. I want to hear some stories from my fellow military spouses (or members) about the kindness(s) shown to you by civilians. I want to hear all about the support and love you have been given.

I have two reasons for this. One is that it is a huge encouragement to hear about these kind of stories. And two, it may very well give some great ideas to the civilians reading this post about how they can help a military family or member out. I think a lot of civilians truly desire to lend support they just don't know how.

I will lead off...

I am a practical person by nature. I love practical things. So when my friend Sam (Tarrah's husband) offered to take my garbage to the landfill for me every week that Daniel was deployed, I took him up on his offer. What a gift! I know it wasn't a fun job for him ( I remember something that had to do with raw chicken juice and the trunk of his Jetta - eww!) but he did it faithfully and I greatly appreciated it. He also came over and changed my blown out light bulbs and let me know help was only a phone call away.

I also had some older friends who would come over once or twice a month and either watch my kids at my house or take them along when they went grocery shopping. I was desperate for a break so those few hours of peace every once in awhile kept my sanity somewhat in place. These same friends of mine also made a concerted effort to involve me in their family activities. That was huge to me. It felt so good to be part of a family again.

Now, it's your turn! Tell me and all my readers your stories of your experiences with wonderful acts of kindness. I'm excited...

See ya in comments!!

Oh, there was an interesting and (possibly) touchy subject raised in the Misconceptions post. It was comment number 26 and the question was asked by Jennifer...
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