Of Butterflies and Flowers
I have two little girls who are truly very feminine; they love pretty, sparkly, beautiful things. They are immediately attracted to anything that says: GIRL.

Eliza has been a baby doll fanatic since she was nine months old.

Eliza and her Nonnie

This is Eliza and her "Nonie." Oh, how she adores her Nonie who is actually named Honey but baby girl can't say Honey, therefore she says "Nonie." And so do we.

Love, Love

It's amazing to me but I see tell tale signs that Eliza may surpass Eve in her "girlishness," if that is even possible.

And I think it is. After all, a mother, well, she knows these things.

Time will tell. Eliza has a good role model...

Eve has a cloud of perfume that hovers over her body constantly; overall she is very meticulous about her grooming. In essence, Eve is the perfect little woman.

This weekend we moved Eve into Judah's room. She's now the proud owner of the top bunk. The two of them are so happy to be sleeping in the same room; it's hard for me to understand because as the only girl I always had my own room. And, quite frankly, I never wanted to share a room with my brothers.

In an effort to keep some of the uniqueness of being a girl while sharing a room with a boy, Daniel and I decorated the area of the top bunk. Eve's special pictures, her name spelled out with wooden letters, and a few bright butterflies and flowers hang from the ceiling above her bed.


Daniel and I also filled Eliza's room with these sweet, sparkly, perfectly girly little creations. At under 3 dollars each with an added 30 percent off, how could I go wrong. The hanging butterflies, Chinese lanterns, and flowers all add such a lovely whimsical feel to my baby girl's room. Eliza loves her new decorations; she stares and stares, watching the bright colors of orange and green, pink and purple twirl in the breezes that come from her windows. And I love them because it finally feels like I did something right in the decorating department.

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